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World Federation of Sciences (WFS)


WFS National Scholarship Programme Competition for 2024-2025

The competition is organized by the World Federation of Scientists (WFS) (President Prof. A. Zichichi), together with the WFS branch in Moldova (President Prof. Gh. Duca) and in collaboration with the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research (ANACEC ) (President Prof. A. Chiciuc).

This competition offers young researchers from the Republic of Moldova the opportunity to benefit from excellence scholarships. These scholarships are awarded by the FMS Regulation "Rules and Guidelines of National Scholarship Programme" (Annex 1, Annex 2) and are intended to support research in the following priority areas, recently updated:

1. Water
2. Soil
3. Agriculture and Food
4. Energy
5. Pollution
6. Limits of Development
7. Climatic Changes
Artificial Intelligence and Global Monitoring of the Planet
9. Missile Proliferation and Defence
10. Organ Substitution
11. Medicine and Biotechnology
12. Cultural Pollution
13. Defence Against Cosmic Objects
14. Conversion of Military Resources
15. Science and Technology for Developing Countries

   The competition aims to support research excellence and contribute to the scientific and technological development of the Republic of Moldova. This initiative highlights the commitment of both organizations to promote high-level research and provide valuable opportunities to emerging researchers in the country.     

   The competition is meant for PhD students and young researchers up to 40 years old. The value of a scholarship is about 150 Swiss francs per month.

The documents will be in English and presented in electronic format ([email protected]) and personally by the scholarship applicant until April 30, 2024 (14.00-16.30); at the address: Chisinau, str. Academiei, 3, office 308.

Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2024, 4:30 p.m.

The documents will be evaluated by a commission of experts composed of scientists from different fields in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

The competition dossier will contain:

  1. The research project presented on 4-5 pages in one of the 15 priority areas of the WFS (Annex 3), which will contain:

The research project proposal form; DOWNLOAD HERE

The project must be signed by the applicant and the scientific supervisor and stamped.

2. The Application Form (Annex 4).

3. List of publications of the last three years (Model).

4. EuroPAS CV of the applicant with full address data.

5. EuroPAS CV of the scientific supervisor with full address data.

6. A letter of recommendation from the scientific supervisor with the agreement to be the scientific supervisor of the applicant for the WFS scholarship and two letters of recommendation from two specialists in the field (signed and stamped), addressed to the President of the World Federation of Scientists, Prof. Antonino ZICHICHI.

7. For Ph.D. students, it is necessary to present the certificate of confirmation of admittance to postgraduate courses and all planned postgraduate exams with marks not less than 8 (the marks must be confirmed by the authorities of the respective institution).


Secretary of the WFS in Moldova

Dr. Lidia LUNGU

Email: [email protected]

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