WFS Scholarship Programme

The Scholarship Program was founded and is backed by the illustrious scientist in the field of nuclear physics, Professor Antonino ZICHICHI (Geneva), President of the World Federation of Scientists and one of its founders. This program is proposed to support PhD students and young researchers to carry out scientific research activities in their own country, under the supervision of the best and most experienced national scientists. The duration of the scholarship is one year.

The proposed research projects must fit into one of the 15 priority areas proposed by the WFS: Water, Soil, Food, Energy, Pollution, Limits of Development, Climatic Changes, Global Monitoring of the Planet, Missile Proliferation and Defence, Science and Technology for Developing Countries, Organ Substitution, Medicine and Biotechnology, Cultural Pollution, Defence Against Cosmic Objects, Conversion of Military Resources.

Republic of Moldova has a successful collaboration with the World Federation of Scientists (WFS) placed in Geneva since 1999. The PhD students and young researchers from the Moldova, along with other young researchers from 110 countries annually can benefit from scholarships to this organization.

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