International Conference on "Toxic Substances for the Environment in the Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems of the Black Sea Basin"


The International Conference "Environmental Toxicants in Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems in the Black Sea Basin", organized by the Hellenic International University in . Kavala, Greece and the “Lower Danube” University of Galați, Romania, within the BSB 27 MONITOX project. In the context of the current epidemiological situation in the world, caused by COVID-19, the conference took place online, with broadcasts from Greece, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

The Institute of Zoology participated in the online session on September 10 with several presentations, opting for a multilingual format. Thus, Dr. Nadezhda Andreev presented an innovative model for the sustainable use of water and sludge from septic tanks, Dr. Hab. Dumitru Bulat described the population of the Danube mackerel (Alosa immaculata Bennett, 1835) from fl. Nistru, Dr. Igor Șubernețkii referred to the evaluation of water quality at the mouths of the Prut River and the river. Danube according to microbiological indices in 2019, Dr. Daria Tumanova - the state of phytoplankton and the assessment of water quality in the Lower Prut based on phytoplankton indices. Young researchers from the Hydrobiology and Ecotoxicology Laboratory of the Institute of Zoology presented to the public reflections on the monitoring of trace elements in aquatic ecosystems (PhD student Petru Ciorba), zooplankton response to pollutants (Liubovi Lebedenco) in the sediments of the rivers of the Republic of Moldova (Anastasia Ivanova).

The session in Chisinau was moderated by the corresponding member of the ASM Elena Zubcov, coordinator of the BSB 27 MONITOX project from the Institute of Zoology, and Dr. Lucia Bilețchi, technical manager of the respective project. The session was attended by over 50 people, of which about 30 - online.
A series of papers by the conference participants, including researchers from the Institute of Zoology, presented in the form of a poster, were placed by the organizers on the platform The conference program is available HERE.

Text: Lucia Bilețchi
Photo: Elena Zubcov, Oxana Munjiu, Lucia Bilețchi


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